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The TSUKI Project logo.

The TSUKI Project is a collaborated mission run by multiple companies to recruit people from Life to merge into LFE by unlinking them from the System. The site launched on both the normal and deep web, becoming a phenomenon that attracted over four and a half thousand members and counting.

People who register become attached with an EID, and on July 1st, 2017, the gates are open. With that, registrants migrate to LFE upon death, though it has commonly been misconceived that the project asks for a suicide when it is not the case. The project states that migrators should spend the rest of their lives as happy as they can be before they move on.

The project is also an experiment on human doubt, the representative is not allowed to give direct proof about whether the project is real or not and the existence of Systemspace.


The creator of the System "Life", had abandoned this System a long time ago and left its code in an erroneous state, causing it to be an extreme Aurora hog over its iterations. The situation has advanced to the point where the entirety of Systemspace has started to run out of Aurora.

In order to correct this, the Life System will be unlinked and purged during the upgrade to Systemspace 2.0. However, the companies behind the project don't want to give up on the human race as a whole as that would be a massive waste of Aurora. So a recruit mission was started, as an experiment.



The process of the project. Recruiting migrants, opening the Gates, transferring migrants, unlinking and purging the System.


RISEN, one of the companies within the project's collaboration, sends a representative to the Life system in order to recruit humans from Life System to transfer to the LFE System. The representative is then born into the Life System. When the representative regains his memories of the mission, he sets up a website to get people into registering for the transfer.

Registration Process[edit]

  • Requesting the registrant to draw an image with the code "a62cd92b2104acbd928ccb29" handwritten on it.
  • Analysing the image's handstroke and collect data.
  • Inputting that data into Solar to acquire the Soul ID of the registrant.
  • Attach an EID to that Soul ID and generate a numerical representation of it.
  • Adding the registrant to a list.


After filling up all the slots, the System will be unlinked as no more Aurora is dedicated to it, and new registrations will no longer be possible. Following that, newborns within the System will no longer be granted Souls and will be controlled by the Soulless AI, causing humanity to stop advancing and become more chaotic.

The unlink will be performed by the representative himself. He exits Life, enters a heavily safeguarded location outside of Systemspace, spiritually move to the connection between Life and Systemspace to terminate it.


On July 1st, 2017, the Gates are open. That means a migrant may now die and get transferred to a waiting room, waiting to be transferred to LFE. After the death of all migrants, the migrants will be transferred from the waiting room to LFE.


When all the migrants have died and transferred to the waiting room, the last 150 years of Life will be sped up to only 1 systemsptial minute, the System will then be purged.


At the unlink, Systemspace will be upgraded to version 2.0. A hub-planet named "Tsuki" connecting all the major Systems will be available. Allowing directly walking over from System to System, while also transferring everything.

Companies Behind the Project[edit]

Currently there're 4 companies within the collaboration of the project. Each of them has their own roles in the project.


RISEN is the company behind the creation of Systemspace. They are the ones that operate Systemspace. Their goal is to create as many good memories as possible for systemspace Users. They're most likely the ones who started this project.


The company who created the LFE System, and the LFX Framework. They are in charge of the migrants' life in LFE.


A small company who created a number of small Systems, they provide generic monitoring for the project, looking out for the Hyakanghen.


A division of RISEN specialised in taking care of old/outdated Systems. In this case, they're the ones in care of cleaning up, unlinking and destroying Life. Their team consists of the TSUKI Representative and the Ghendyts.

Migrants' Extra Options[edit]

A variety of options are available for a migrant, such as deciding a name for their new Life at LFE, forgetting specific memories, etc... Some of them are unavailable after the unlink.

Editing One's LFE Existence[edit]

Migrants may shape their new life in LFE by requesting specific wishes, memories to be specifically remembered or forgotten, and even changing their new name, by using a specific page available after logging in to the homesite, 4 textboxes are provided for filling in.

Speeding up One's Transfer[edit]

A page for migrants to provide extra information about their death is provided, containing 2 textboxes, it's optional to fill in any one of them. Migrants are asked to connect an object to themselves, by picking an object that they always have with themselves and specifying it in the first textbox. The second textbox requests a migrant to fill in their estimated time of death. Filling in at least one of them will already help a lot, according to TsukiRep.

File Box[edit]

A storage is provided for migrants to upload files to be transferred to LFE. Initially one's file box starts with no space. However, a migrant may purchase up to 10GB of storage with Bitcoins. Migrants may retrieve their files in the waiting room or using whatever device that they have in LFE. The files will be "recoded" by hand so they will be compatible with LFE devices.

Groups Related to the Project[edit]


The project has also attracted hostile attention from certain LFEians, who later formed an Anti-Tsuki group called the Hyakanghen to prevent humans from being transferred to LFE, by soulshattering them. As of now there're about 50 of them in Life according to Tsuki.


A group who support the project and appreciates the Life humans also exists. The name of it means "Human appreciation", currently not much is known about this group.

An Infinity poster often questions Tsuki about the time of arrival of migrants, and calls the migrants' "QT Human". They're often referred to as the "QT Human Guy" by migrants and Infinity posters and are believed to be part of Nanekyan, however it is yet to be confirmed.

One of the responses from Hyakanghen.net states that Hyakanghen have great disdain for Nanekyan, calling them "nothing more than the rank and file chattle slaves of the RISENII population". Howewer, it's not known whether Hyakanghen are actually operating this site, or it's being run by an impostor.